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April 3, 2018
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April 11, 2018

The Use Of Cookies on Websites

The Use Of Cookies on Websites

If you run a website, you always need a cookie for your website that will track all the activities and visits of user. Cookies cannot be used to identify the personal data of user; it is just use to keep the user aware of website.

What is a Cookie ?

Cookies are the small files stored in the user’s system and the data folder by the server of the website while browsing the website. A file (cookie) automatically saved in the system. A computer “cookie” is also known as an internet cookie, browser cookie, web cookie and HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) Cookie.

Importance of Cookies:

Why the cookies are important? There are many reasons.

  • When the user browse a page, cookies keep the user logged in, then will be enable to remember and recognized the site while searching the site.
  • A cookie helps to save your time during searching files on a site. Then there is no need to enter all the data.
  • Cookies remember your all detailed data for future purposes.
  • Cookies are not harmful (Text Files) for your system.

Are the Cookies Safe ?

The question comes into the mind about the safety of cookies. As we know, cookies are the files, but if you think that it have a negative impact on your privacy, you can delete it from your system. It is possible that the tracking cookies collect your all data relating to your browsing such as what you are seeing, purchasing.

How You can manage the Cookies ?

You can manage your cookies to protect your privacy. You can turn on the privacy option, so that server cannot track your browsing history. Sometime you need to delete all the browsing history for privacy concerns. Sometime you need just to close the website page. But you can easily find you all browsing during essential wok stored in the data file on your system.

What is the Cookie Law :

Accordance with “Directive 95/46/EC”, User’s consent is important while using the personal data. The users have rights to gather the information about the usage of data. According to the law, the users can reject the use of data and data processing by the server. The regulating authorities impose the law in the EU. Every person in the EU is responsible to follow the rules. Any person, organization and even their target audience outside the EU are not restricted to follow the rules (Directive 95/46/EC). The basic purpose of the law is to protect the individual (users) online privacy.

Why we need Cookies:

The server of the website has no memory to keep all the records of theirs visitors in their mind. There is need of cookies to keep the records of visitors, their preferences, and attitude toward the product. Sometime servers needs the data of visitors (attitude, behavior, product positioning) for survey to make the website more customized for their users. Like YouTube include cookies use_hitbox, VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE, PREF have different expire time.