Domus London Ltd
May 3, 2016

Rainbow Centre Sri Lanka

The Rainbow Centre Sri Lanka is a charity providing welfare and education to children living in extreme poverty. It needed a website that would convey both the joy and hope the children feel when they are at the Centre and the sensitivity to deal with the darker sides of their lives when at home in slum housing where they are frequent victims of abuse.  The new website by Creativei Media  delivered on all fronts and has attracted extremely positive comments from supporters from all over the world who are delighted with the new look.  Many of the comments focused on the simplicity and clarity of the written material and, also, the quality of the photographs.  Others praised it for delivering complicated information concisely in a user-friendly manner. Many were delighted to be directed to new Facebook and Twitter sites.  Nearly all commented on how much they like the design.  There has been a huge response to such a stunning piece of work.   Thanks to the new website, the Rainbow Centre is seeing a great increase in the number of people approaching the Centre to offer their support.  The whole process of constructing the new site was dealt with so professionally and quickly, we could not have asked for a better, more efficient design team and could not recommend Creativei more highly.