We’ve been developing ecommerce websites for many years and our ecommerce website developers and designers are absolutely second to none, as our examples should demonstrate. We create high quality, great looking, bespoke ecommerce websites that are expertly optimised for the search engines, ensuring that your website not only looks great but also drives in appropriate traffic. Our clients have had terrific results over the years and we thoroughly recommend looking through our testimonials, so that you can see for yourself the quality of our ecommerce website designers.

Why are ecommerce websites so popular?

Ecommerce websites are now a part of most people’s everyday life, whether its ordering your grocery shopping, a birthday card or your next holiday, it’s become second nature to simply do it online. In fact in the UK alone we spend hundreds of billions online each year, and the figures are growing! Having a high quality ecommerce website found on page 1 of Google is incredibly valuable and it opens your business up to the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! If you want to sell products online then it’s essential to have a search engine optimised ecommerce website; one where the website designers have very carefully crafted the buying journey, the layout, the navigation etc. Designing and developing a quality ecommerce website takes great skill, but creating an ecommerce website that is optimised, user friendly, great looking and produces great conversions takes both skill and vast experience. There are umpteen pre-built ecommerce platforms out there but you can be assured that these cheap packages are not used by the highly successful ecommerce companies on the Internet. In order to have quality, optimisation and scalability for your website you’ll need a bespoke solution, so don’t be fooled by the cheap ecommerce website packages that you can buy; yes they are cheap and cheerful but they simply will not provide the results that a bespoke ecommerce website will deliver, in fact nowhere near! If you choose an ecommerce website designer with experience then you should be advised to have a bespoke ecommerce website.


Do I really need a bespoke ecommerce website?

If you want to sell online effectively you really must have a bespoke ecommerce website developed for your business. Why? Because ecommerce websites exist in their millions but the good news is that most of them are self-made or pre-built ecommerce packages, which is not good for them because it means they will likely be low quality in terms of code, they will be full of duplication and they will most certainly not contain the very rigorous attention to detail that is absolutely required for ecommerce websites.

An ecommerce website needs to be:

  • very responsive
  • user friendly
  • audience targeted
  • free from duplication
  • attractive
  • cross browser compatible
  • mobile friendly
  • search engine optimised
  • friendly in terms of URL’s (i.e. URL re-writing)
  • easy to maintain
  • easy to analyse in terms of traffic
  • scalable
  • hosted on an optimised server
  • and so much more..

Ecommerce websites are much harder to optimise that any other website type because of the nature of the dynamic elements, the page load speed, the duplication issues, the url issues etc. This is why a bespoke ecommerce website that is tuned specifically to your business is absolutely essential for success. At Creativei Media ALL of our design and development is completed in-house; our ecommerce website designers are acutely aware of the design implications for ecommerce and will include elements like upselling, social media inclusion and banner advertising, as well as a raft of other marketing techniques used in ecommerce websites. Similarly our expert ecommerce website developers are very experienced when it comes to page load speeds, url re-writing, data manipulation, image optimisation etc. All of this expertise under one roof means that our ecommerce websites are second to none, if we say so ourselves!

Easy to use ecommerce websites, designed to increase sales

We create ecommerce websites that are extremely simple to manage, can be found in the search engines and are very user friendly. There is nothing worse than a hard to navigate or unappealing ecommerce website that simply drives away valuable traffic. When we develop an optimised ecommerce website the aim is to fill it with as many potential customers as possible and turn those browsers into your customers. You will find our ecommerce websites incredibly user friendly and feature rich; they are also cross-browser compatible and mobile device friendly. When we build an ecommerce website we always do this with the mind-set of a potential buyer to ensure a good buying journey at all times. We also use proven online marketing techniques to sell and upsell through your website. All of our ecommerce websites come with a simple to use content management system and let you:

  • Easily manage products and pricing
  • Upload and change content such as images, videos and text
  • Control categories and promotions within the site
  • See the orders placed and customer details
  • Integrate secure payment systems, so customers do not have to leave the site to make a purchase
  • Manage product reviews
  • Control advertising banners
  • And so much more…

Expert SEO for super optimised ecommerce websites

Our advice is that when you are looking for an ecommerce website developer you choose one that not only understands how search engine optimisation works, but one that also has a track record of placing ecommerce websites on the first page of Google. As previously mentioned, ecommerce websites are notoriously difficult to optimise and get highly ranked in the search engines; there are many reasons for this but rest assured it is indeed very possible to rank well for highly competitive terms. However, you do need an ecommerce website design team with the right skillset and experience to make it happen. Many of our ecommerce clients are at the top of the search engine results, some for very competitive and very profitable keywords, please see testimonials to see what we could do for you.


We’re passionate about ecommerce websites

It’s very easy to get ecommerce wrong and over the years we have rescued many online businesses that have made the fatal mistake of having a cheap pre-built ecommerce website developed for them. This is actually very rewarding for us because these clients have an appreciation for how hard ecommerce can be if you don’t do it correctly, so when they see results they are very appreciative. Don’t be one of these businesses that need to be rescued, get it right first time and save yourself the cost and the agony.. get an optimised ecommerce website from a team of ecommerce specialists who live and breathe this stuff, and more importantly who have vast experience, a high level of expertise and proof of success in ecommerce.

Assisting with the growth of any business is rewarding and this is what gives us our passion for ecommerce website design in general, so give us a call or drop us an email and let us develop the optimised ecommerce website that your business deserves. Call us on 01702 567 076 and ask for your no obligation, no cost quotation.